Main board

1 x Arduino Uno or Mega board

Arduino shields

1 x Arduino power motor shield (e.g. Velleman KA03)

Power supplies

1 x DC 4.5V 1A Power supply

1 x USB 5V 1A Power supply


25x white high brightness LED’s

25x white low brightness LED’s

5x orange LED’s

5x blue LED’s

Switches and cables

1x 3-way switch

1x up/down switch

1x large breadboard

50x long jump wires M/F 40cm

50 x short jump wires M/M 10cm

10x very short jump wires for short circuit

1x 5-meter silicon cable 1.5mm2

Scale Models

10 x 1:100 scale model figures

5 x 1:100 scale model benches

5 x 1:100 scale model bikers

5 x 1:100 scale model trees

1x Green velvet sheet

10x white LED’s

10x orange LED’s

5x Black plastic straws


Simulator Box

2x 45x25x1 cm plywood sheets

1x 60x25x1 cm plywood sheet

1x 60x25x0.5 cm plywood sheet

1x 60x45x1 cm plywood sheet

1x 60x50x1.5 cm plywood sheet

2x plexiglass sheets 60x45x0.3 cm

1x drawer handle

20x 5cm furniture metal corners

1x dark blue spray paint

2x (any dark color of choice) spray paint

20x Wood screws

Wood glue


Electric drill



Soldering iron

Permanent marker